Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Kelsea and I have been here for about 3 months! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. We have made so many friends and memories. A few months ago it was hard to imagine it could get better, but I have been proven wrong. Thank goodness. Life is definitely meant to be lived.

We have visited Panama City Beach:

It's so nice to see her laughing and smiling. She is more free here! I feel like nothing can stop us and that no matter what-we have each other! For right now, we are making goals and plans with each other! I know we are blessed and that we are being watched over. Our family has been great about helping us in this time. I couldn't ask for more!

Another great place we had the blessing to visit, was our favoritest place of all! Disney World!

It was amazing to see all the changes and yet all the similarities compared to when I worked there. I missed working. When we visited Mouse Gear, I felt a little sad. The store is completely different and the uniforms are more atrocious than ever. Too bad for them!

It was hard to leave. Kelsea and I's dream of visiting the magical place had been fulfilled. She though everything was amazing.

Her favorite characters: Tinker Bell and Mickey
Favorite Rides: Snow White, Haunted Mansion and Pirates.
Favorite Souvenirs: Tinker Bell Spinning Toy and her Little Mermaid Dress
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom ( Of course)

While we were there, we also got to see The Lorax. It was okay. Kelsea liked it.

Also, she had cute pink mouse ears, with a veil. In one day, she lost it. I am so sad, it was too cute!

We are glad to be here and it is nice to have a happy and energetic baby. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

A new year and another audition!

I can't wait til early next year, that is when I am trying out for X Factor. I tried for American Idol, even though I wasn't thrilled about being on there. I could care less about being on tv, but I want the experience. Even if I don't win, I would love to make it as far as I can. Then I am a little wiser on how to do things.

In the meantime, I am getting a vocal coach and I am learning to play my guitar. Which will help, since I have lyrics without melodies. I can't wait!

Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be like American Idol, having tried out for them, I lost respect for the show. I see it really is only a show. Sucks, but it's real.

Finally better!

So, dad went out of town and that is when mom and kelsea got sick! Nice, I was hoping the first time I would have some help, but I was also relieved because then Dallas wouldn't get sick. He is such a hard worker, if you even say a day off he freaks out. Wow, because last night he was not feeling well and some how by morning he convinced himself he is.

Anyways, we got sick and we camped out downstairs. Mainly, because I had no energy to even move. So at least I could trap her in a little spot. Well that worked for a little bit, when she wasn't feeling well she would cuddle and I loved it. Then she was running around and jumping like a crazy person all over. She thought it was so hilarious that she could get away with naughty things, lol.

I can't believe how smart they are. However, the best part is she seemed to intrinsically understand that I was really sick and she would help me and rub my head. She would even give me kisses! I love kisses and yes, they helped.

The power of baby kisses!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

American Idol try outs!!

San Fran was so beautiful and crazy! The weather is something I have never witnessed, I couldn't believe that the fog moved so quickly. The scenery was gorgeous and worth freezing to see. The vibe is so different, almost like everyone just goes with the flow.

Traffic was another story, I have never seen so many angry drivers or people who couldn't drive. We reserved a Hyundai and it was very compact. When driving on the freeway, other cars would drive in our lanes with us and push us out of the way. Crazy! I couldn't believe it. I thought Utah drivers were crazy, but obviously in a different way.

The cars also just put their emergency blinkers on and stop in the middle of the road, literally. Pedestrians walk whenever they feel and we almost hit one.

Despite the driving, it was so much fun to explore. The Fisherman's Wharf was not really my thing or Dallas', because we don't eat fish. However, Pier 39 was awesome and we ate by the water at Luigi's Pizza. Pretty good.

We saw the haunted Winchester House, but really it was quite amazing. All the details and she was very innovative for her time. We really enjoyed that.

We wanted to see Alcatraz, but it is booked way in advance. We didn't know and so we missed out. Oh well, we will see it next time!

American Idol was quite the experience. Meeting hundreds of people around you and in your section. Most of which are really good and brave to be attempting anything like this. It is very realistic, none of the producers or employees care about you. They make it very clear, just listen and you won't have to hear them yell at you.

I loved sitting next to the people I did, they were so much fun. Nervous just as much as I was. Some girls in front of us had binoculars and were studying the tables, which we noticed table 3 was barely handing anything out. The table consistently gave everyone 30 secs to sing, but sent them all home. Except some costumed people.

We all agreed we didn't want that table. There were not a lot of people in costumes, but the ones in costumes, automatically made it through and were escorted. Ugh, tv. Everyone was upset, but more at the fact that the first five sections took over 5 hours to get through. It was past 3 before they barely got to 109, we were in 110. So, we waited a long time.

In that time, they handed out a lot of golden tickets and once they got to 109, it sped up significantly and they sent mostly everyone home. We were just anxious to get out of the sun, we were basically getting fried. Not fun, actually one half of my body was red and then it gradually decreased to my normal color on the other side of my body.

I auditioned with the guy next to me and we were told table 3, we looked at each other and i said we are going home. I thought maybe they were giving people a chance, because when we got there they let this girl through, she couldn't sing. She was climbing on the table to seduce the male judge.

I looked to see how many tickets they had and it was not a lot. In fact they had 6 or 7 more sections to go through, so I knew not a lot would be getting through. Two groups went before us, most were amazing and people were clapping for them in the other lines. They acted like they were deliberating with the papers in their face and sent all of them home.

My group sang and she seemed into it and she basically said, "Here's how it is, your group has really great singers, but you are not what we are looking for."

That sucked and as soon as you leave the tent, they come over with scissors and cut your wristband off and make you exit. In a matter of seconds, so you are still processing it and it sucks.

I admit, I was really sad, especially when there are so many people who were there for the right reasons. They only care about rating, certain tables are designated for certain people. You only have a true chance at a few. Mine was looking for bad singers and crazy people. So when they say you are not what they are looking for, it's true. You are a bad singer or crazy and no matter how good, they can't let you through. Sucks, but it is life.

Hopefully the online auditions are fair. It was great to meet people and I have never been around more talented people. And everyone needs rejections to become stronger.

Good luck to everyone that tried out!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Idol

So a lot of time has passed, Kelsea is a year and a half on the 16th. Which means that we have been married for two and a half on the 23rd, kind of fun.

This year has brought a lot of up and downs and it is only half through, lol.

I decided last year to myself that I would try out for American Idol and I am surprised that I am actually doing it. Since I was little, someone I trusted told me I was a horrible singer and since then, I never sang alone in public again.

I realize it is all in my head and so I am ready to tackle my fear head on and I am so glad for all the support that everyone has given us! It has been amazing. I have sang for my cousins, sister and family, and all sorts of people. Who knew that maybe I was pretty good at singing.

This whole journey ends or begins hopefully next week on the 19th, I can't wait and I am hoping I get through to the next round. Now all I have left is to choose an outfit. I have two and it has been a pretty hard choice. Ugh, oh well.

I am singing "The Loving Kind" by Girls Aloud or "Umbrella" by Mandy Moore. I like both, but both are so different. Dallas wants me to sing "The Loving Kind", because it shows my range more. I am just nervous, that if I get there and become nervous, that I won't hit the high notes.

Oh well, there is no turning back!! I am ready and I can't wait for it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teeth, work linch and a new job!

Pictures are coming soon, but Kelsea just got her bottom teeth in about a month ago and they are so big now!!! I cannot believe that my lil girl is so big and getting teeth. She has gnawed her crib and everything she can get in her mouth. Especially her mom and dad's arm!!!

I finally got a job, where I can stay at home with Kelsea. I work for kgb_ the information bureau. So, it should be interesting. Since we had to buy a new car, our money has been tight. so, what I make will go towards the car and other things and then we will be where we were before the car. It is definitely an answer to our prayer, litterally!

Today Kelsea and I went to Dallas' work and she was passed around. They have been wanting her to come in and next time will be Halloween. I am glad that Dallas has a good work environment.

Anyways, I will put some pics of her teeth up soon!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have realized that my time being 22 is coming to an end. Goodness, where does the time go. Everything has happened within the last few years so fast, especially having Kelsea and watching her grow. I cannot believe she will soon be a year. Wow, and I thought that time would go so slow.

I am not really wanting anything for my birthday, just wanting to have to some quality alone time with my husband. We need it for sure and it would be nice to have an adult night. Not that she is high maintenance or anything, but she still requires a lot of our attention and love.

Not to mention that recently she has been taking to not taking a nap. Crazy, she can go all day. I am just not sure I can keep up. Lol.